I would be described as an artist, or writer, or a programmer. But really, there isn''t a name for what I want to create and where my vision reaches. I guess I''m a futurist most because I believe in art, science, myth, and technology as a constant state forward. So, what do I want to create?

A world. A fully functioning, climate aware series of continents, change of wind direction, people, Empires, Kingdoms, struggle...Ideally the size of around how one thinks of Jupiter. This virtual world will be as big as I can make it, and hope to unveil it online someday. Until then I will say that this book represents a very small part of that larger world. But it is the center of anything autobiographical.

This is the story of what I think went wrong on Earth as we know it. That is what Vesper Heliotropic is most about--my own struggle within the gradual realization that the world we thought was The World, is merely a curtain on a stage not of our making.

No, we are forever inside The Looking Glass, forever tumbling and desperately asking the time. Never to receive a final answer.

The Establishment and "Democracy" we thought was the bedrock of civilization, actually rested, aside from the infinite hordes of invisible third world slaves; on the most heinous parental assumption: that the world we are presented with, is actually the world we are witnessing.

The Big Lie in every country, runs something like: "Life isn''t perfect," and "Society isn''t perfect, what country is?" Or, "Drink Milk," while observing the missing kid on the back of the carton put there by a parent who lost custody. While my mom thought all along, balls-to-bones, that there were all these missing kids. Or how about that Democracy when every election is rigged and Sanders is used as a sheep dog for Hilary. Or the Russians, a sheep dog clan for Trump. Or whoever ''the they'' want to put in office. And remember: "Only you, can prevent forest fires."

Meanwhile behind the consumerist distraction and thin line between entertainment and war, rested and still rests--an oligarchical society from top to bottom within a fascist government, inside a tightly controlled propaganda machine and culture of materialistic philistinism gone mad.

I spent life going from state to state and other countries to learn that most of mankind is asleep. I came in contact with a few over the course of everything I''ve known, who give life its meaning. I began as a suburban kid from the Nova DC area, moved to New York City finally, and pursued art at a college called The School of Visual Arts. When I was 20, and just after the second year, I lost my mom to an on-going lifelong sickness. At that same time, I was learning what a scam art school really is in our country so I moved to the West Coast with a girlfriend. I moved back to New York at every interval between places. I have a daughter, Lili, she''s 12 and French. I spent about four years in France, in the region of Basse-Normandie. I returned in 2005 and again pursued art and web design. I currently live in Boston, MA with my fiancé Katherine. I write, create paintings, work on websites, and program the graphic novel for this book. I''ve sold art to a variety of galleries and private individuals over the years.

I believe in life as free. I mean, truly free. I do art in the sense of creating "art as the public dream." I hope to meet artists and systems thinkers. Or just thinkers at all. Wherever there is intelligent life, as sparse as it is on this planet. Far from cynicism however, I believe we will indeed evolve past the state of life as we know it into a more rational Earth, unencumbered by the chokehold of cowards, terminal sophistication, and the reality of interminably failed systems.

I believe that a part of us will live on to see the greatness of truly being human in the epic, heroic and eternal sense. That is, of an examined, philosophically conscious life dedicated to a meaningful purpose that knows the boundless realm of myth, legend and above all--the song of life.

The master race is Human. You are Included.